Refurbishment of your outdoor furniture

Ailing outdoor furniture

The right outdoor furniture blends in beautifully with its surroundings and invites you to sit and linger. However, everyone knows: Unfortunately, the ravages of time gnaw away at outdoor furniture. The wind, weather, weathering and vandalism leave their mark, after all.

Especially in public places, the outdoor furniture is affected after a certain time due to the high frequency of use. This process is faster for some materials and slower for others. Nevertheless, the exterior appearance of the facility will eventually reflect the external influences and it will thus become less attractive.

Turn old into new: Refurbishment of outdoor furniture with Erlau

In these cases, the Erlau brand can offer to retrofit your furniture: Existing, still intact parts of your furniture are upgraded, for example, with an intact table top from Erlau. Not only tables, but also benches can be easily refurbished.

The Erlau retrofitting set

The Erlau brand retrofitting set offers the user a number of advantages.

Perfect solutions, regardless of your bench and table dimensions
• Simple handling: Easy independent installation
• Retention of intact parts (e.g. table legs)
• Seat surface can be raised meaning improved seating comfort

Installation options for outdoor furniture

The Erlau retrofitting set gives you various options for renewing your old outdoor furniture.

• Side installation of benches
• Side installation of tables
• Installation of benches from above

The different installation options are shown as follows:

Retrofit of a bench Harmony

Example bench Harmony with white aluminium backrest

• 1 x 5365331 seat section Harmony with backrest 1800
• 1 x 5371617 connection rod
• 1 x retrofitting set

The matching retrofitting set (article no. 5007159) consisting of:

• 2 x brackets
• 2 x fixing bars
• 8 x round-head flat screws M10 x 30
• 8 x washers
• 8 x shear nuts M10

Fixing material for installation on existing concrete legs is not included in the scope of supply.

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