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Age-appropriate bathroom

When most people think of an age-appropriate bathroom, they first think of sterility and a nursing home atmosphere. But not with the Erlau brand! Our products turn the age-appropriate bathroom into a feel-good bathroom full of design. People who are restricted in older age feel safe, yet have guaranteed living comfort.

What is an age-appropriate bathroom?

In an age-appropriate bathroom, people with age-related limitations can wash themselves independently and, if necessary, bathe and shower with the support of an assistant. By converting to such a bathroom, you can save yourself the move to a nursing home, as you can live independently despite limited mobility. But how do you design an age-appropriate bathroom? We would be pleased to help with implementation and planning.

Possible helpers in an age-appropriate bathroom:

  • Angled grab bar 45° and hinged support bar by the toilet to make standing up easier
  • Hinged shower seat for a relaxing shower
  • Shelf grab bar at the washbasin provides something to hold onto when standing

Our recommendations from the Erlau brand for your age-appropriate bathroom:

Design an age-appropriate bathroom full of style

When selecting assistance products in the age-appropriate bathroom, there is no need to sacrifice appearance and design. We combine benefits with design and quality at acceptable prices. With us, you can furnish the bathroom according to your customer's taste. Whether in plain white or in high-quality anodised finish - we offer different colour variants for our high-quality grab bar systems. Our products are made of polyamide-coated aluminium, making them extra robust and sturdy.


Dementia-appropriate room design for age-appropriate bathrooms

Choose useful helps from our ColorLine series for your age-appropriate bathroom.

The grab bars, support bars and shelf grab bars, with their bright colours, stand out against the mostly discreetly designed tiles and walls. This contrast creates better perception and serves for orientation and thus greater safety in the age-appropriate bathroom.