COLORit! Time to make a statement!

Contemporary bathroom design shows its colours. With COLORit, we show how it works.


Why draw when you can also paint?

So that interior design, aesthetics or simply individual tastes can be taken into account in the design of bathrooms, Erlau’s spectrum now also includes preference colours. Reseda green, aqua blue and grey-beige supplement the repertoire, not only to create highly functional, but also accentuated living areas and experiential spaces. COLORit!

Dare to be colourful

When designing your own living environment, colours play a central role.
Colours do not only serve a purpose in highlighting functional areas or creating a colourful design in children’s rooms. Colours are beautiful and simply fun.

Individuality in colour and function

The complementary accessories such as towel rails, shower rails and shower handrails are designed in such a way that individual lengths can be defined as required by means of individual components. The shower rod of the shower handrail can be adjusted with a T-link element.
For planning and use, this means even more flexibility. The various lengths in combination with connectors and fittings permit Erlau shower handrails to blend into the bathroom environment. It is irrelevant whether the handle is to be mounted on the right, left or across the width. The shower rail can be mounted in the centre or on the side.