Convince yourself of our reliable Erlau quality and use our sanitary fittings for your accessible bathroom. We have been partners to the sanitary sector for 25 years.

Our products for accessible bathrooms are beautiful, delicate and streamlined.

We only use high-quality materials. As a result, our products withstand the most extreme stresses and offer more safety in the accessible bathroom.

Achieving your individuality is our motivation. Our endeavour is to supply you with high-quality products for your safety and maximum comfort for your personal feel-good bathroom. That is the Erlau philosophy.

Practical details - integrated into all grab rail systems - make the accessible bathroom safe and flexible.

Meaningful helpers remain discreetly in the background and are there when and where you need them.



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The Erlau coating reduces bacteria formation by at least 60% compared to stainless steel

Advantages of the Erlau coating:

  • Dirt and bacteria reducing
  • Warm surface to touch - for a pleasant gripping sensation
  • Exceptional resistance to cleaning agents and disinfectants
  • No rusting
  • Secure grip with wet and weakened hands

The KfW funding programme for accessible bathrooms has been updated

The KfW funding programme 455 has been given a €75 million boost. For a long time, it was uncertain what would happen with funding for accessible bathroom conversions. Recently, this programme has been relaunched and the run is in full swing. The application process can be conveniently completed online and the processing times are also acceptable. Like most funding programmes: Make the application and obtain approval before starting building work.

Is this funding programme for accessible bathrooms suitable for everyone?

Certain conditions are attached to the funding programme. For example

  • you are obliged to design the accessible bathroom in accordance with DIN 18040 (accessible building).
  • you must commission a specialist company to carry out the construction work, which will also invoice the work.

According to a Forsa study, approx. 36 million bathrooms need to be age-appropriately refurbished. Only 6 million accessible bathrooms can meet the requirements of this funding programme.

Accessibility more relevant than ever - trade reacts

Many companies in the sanitary trade have now recognised that there is high demand for beautiful, age-appropriate bathrooms. The intensive seminar offer by our Erlau Academy, founded in 2016, makes a major contribution to the expansion of consultancy expertise in the sanitary trade.

How do you find suitable specialist tradesmen for your own accessible bathroom?

Ask the tradesman you want to hire for reference customers and contact them. Also, clarify who is responsible for coordinating the individual trades in the bathroom. Experienced plumbers and fitters are now providing this service. Ask us for information. Please send us an e-mail to .

Stay healthy!

Your Mr Accessible

Accessible bathrooms

Wetness and slippery surfaces in the bathroom, shower or WC are a combination that often increases the risk of accidents or falls. Older people are particularly at risk, as their reactions and eyesight deteriorate. But even children fall quickly due to a little carelessness. An accessible bathroom therefore makes sense for all generations.

Erlau grab bar systems make everyday life easier for young and old alike

Erlau brand products are seen as small helpers that tangibly reduce the risk of falls. Gone are the days when bathroom grab bar systems had the appearance of a sterile, pragmatic hospital bathroom: Erlau products remain discreetly in the background and are there when you need them.

Unobtrusive and space-saving

Several Erlau products have two functions: The patented shelf grab bar above the washbasin is a shelf for care and cosmetic utensils on the one hand, and on the other hand, it helps as a grab bar when standing up. Hinged support bars and straight grab bars also serve as towel holders. The products are also space-saving: Support bars by the toilet can be pushed up and thus have a short reach.

Functionality, hygiene and design

The grab bars are mounted without a rosette. This prevents dirt and bacteria from settling under the rosette. Fewer drilled holes also protect the material. With their highly polished, anodised surface and their purist, timeless design, the grab bar systems blend harmoniously into the bathroom.

Accessible showers

Accessible showering is becoming more and more of an issue; hardly any new buildings are still built with barriers. The step-free transition between the shower area and the bathroom floor allows people with physical and/or mental impairments effortless entry to the accessible shower. Unlike conventional shower enclosures, there is no rim to act as a trip hazard or obstacle. The shower stands for intimacy and personal hygiene.

Planning an accessible shower

People with limited mobility can gain or regain a great deal of self-determination with an accessible shower. This means that there is a lot to consider when planning an accessible shower.

Erlau – a milestone in accessible showering

The Erlau brand offers many aids that are advantageous or even a must for an accessible shower. Useful aids include our hinged shower seat DKX, which allows you to take a seat and a break while showering. Thanks to its fixed mounting on the wall, it can withstand loads of up to 150 kg. Furthermore, it can be folded up and down and is therefore very space saving. The hanging seat DEX is almost identical, but it is suspended in a shower hand rail and the seat surface can also be folded away. A shower stool offers the same advantages, but instead of being wall-mounted or suspended, it can be used anywhere in and outside the accessible shower. Our range includes various support and grab bars, in different colour variations as well as, the non-slip surface provides a firm grip, even our shower hand rails are robust enough and hold their own. Our range contains even more of these must-haves for a modern, accessible shower.



Shower area120 x 120 cm, anti-slip surface, must be able to be used with a walking frame 150 x 150 cm, anti-slip surface, must be able to be used with a walking frame
Shower accessFlush with the floor: Transition maximum 2 cm in size, preferably inclined.
Seats and grab barsThe wall condition must allow retrofittingRetrofitting option for hinged shower seat: 45 cm deep, seat height: 46–48 cm retrofitting option for hinged support bars on both sides: Length: Seat depth plus 15 cm, clearance: 65–70 cm, height: 28 cm above seat surface
Shower fittingsIf possible, single-lever mixer or contact-free tap with temperature limiter; lever should point downwardsIn addition, the tap must be accessible from a sitting position at a height of 85 cm above the shower floor

Accessible toilet

Accessibility is the subject of much discussion these days, because such measures are not just isolated measures for disabled people, but mean more convenience for everyone. This also includes entry to accessible toilets for all people with limitations due to illness, accident, age or a congenital disability. Some requirements must therefore be taken into account in advance when planning the accessible toilet. In addition to the privacy that is so important in this area of life, the accessible toilet must be able to be used independently and without outside help.

Requirements of accessible toilets

In principle, at least one accessible toilet must be provided per sanitary facility. The DIN 18040-1 and DIN 18040-2 standards play a major role in the planning of accessible toilets. The following table shows and clarifies the differences for the accessible toilet.

DIN 18040-1

DIN 18040-2

PublicWheelchair-friendly apartmentsAccessible apartments
Seat height46-48cm incl. seat46-48cm incl. seatIndividual
Toilet depthReach min. 70 cmReach min. 70 cm
Backrest55cm behind the front toilet edge55cm behind the front toilet edge
Hinged support barsLeft and rightLeft and right
Pushes up with little effort in stages you selectPushes up with little effort in stages you select
Top edge 28 cm above toilet seat heightTop edge 28 cm above toilet seat height
Min. 15 cm protrusion beyond the front edge of the toilet bowlMin. 15 cm protrusion beyond the front edge of the toilet bowlIndividual
Distance between the bars: 65-70 cmDistance between the bars: 65-70 cm
Load capacity: Point load of 1kN at the front end of the barLoad capacity: Point load of 1kN at the front end of the bar
Paper holder Reachable without changing the seating positionReachable without changing the seating positionIndividual
FlushCan be operated sitting down without changing the seating positionCan be operated sitting down without changing the seating positionIndividual
Emergency call systemNear the accessible toilet; reachable from the toilet sitting and lying on the floorNear the accessible toilet; reachable from the toilet sitting and lying on the floor
Side movement area 90cm90cm