Advantages in planning

Years of experience ✓
We impress with our experience. We have been working in the nursing home and clinic sector for over 25 years. In the area "planning aids for assistance bathrooms" you can let yourself be inspired by some of our references.

Customised solutions ✓
Benefit from customised solutions through our modular system.

Optimal support ✓
We support you with your planning.

Advantages during installation

Installation time savings ✓
Extremely fast installation thanks to “single hole drilling”. Only one screw per fixing point is required for attachment.

Partner to the sanitary trade ✓
We have been a partner to the sanitary trade for over 25 years.

Sampling and on-site consultancy ✓
In order to meet the special needs of our customers, we attach great importance to individual, professional advice.

Advantages in use

Optimum support for care staff ✓
Our products are designed to provide optimal support to care assistants.

Hygienic products ✓
The Erlau coating reduces bacteria formation by at least 60% compared to stainless steel.

More initiative by the residents possible ✓
By installing Erlau accessible bathroom fittings, the user's independence is encouraged and less assistance from care staff is required.

Planning aids for assistance bathrooms



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The assistance bathroom

Sanitary systems for the assistance bathroom sector

With the Erlau brand, RUD combines quality and material in the assistance bathroom. Innovative functions and timeless design are what distinguish us. Thanks to our slim design, space is saved in places where it is unnecessary to take up space - short reach due to fold-away systems. Thanks to modular grab bar systems, there are hardly any limits to the possible customised solutions. Design for flexible combinations according to the user's wishes. An assistance bathroom fitted with Erlau brand sanitary systems: Safety and comfort in top quality. Time spent in an assistance bathroom should not only serve the medical and hygienic purpose. A feel-good ambience in these rooms can also nurture the soul.

Requirements of sanitary systems in the assistance bathroom

The demands on safety in the assistance bathroom are very high indeed. Qualified material and processing quality as well as a defined shape design reduce the risk in assistance bathrooms. The person in need of care and the care staff are exposed to physical exertion. Intelligent sanitary systems allow the resident to experience a relaxed bathing experience. For the care staff, a technically functional workplace can reduce physical exertion.

Innovation with sanitary systems in the assistance bathroom

Functionality and accessibility are essential in the assistance bathroom. Despite all the comfort, you should not have to dispense with the visual aspect when choosing sanitary systems. This is where our innovation comes into play - thanks to its intelligent design, our hinged support bar XSK can be aligned to the left, right or centre, as required, and also pushed up against the wall to save space.