Powder coating

RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH & Co. KG installed a new, fully automatic coating plant as part of a capacity expansion. This plant enables coating with fluid-bed and electrostatic powder coating processes.

As a manufacturer of high-quality, powder-coated outdoor furniture and sanitary furnishings made of steel and aluminium, RUD has been able to gain many years’ experience with the aforementioned processes on an existing plant.

The plant product range is comprised of 3 possible coating variants:

  1. Fluid-bed
  2. Fluid-bed + electrostatic coating
  3. Electrostatic coating

There are already 5 colours (white, pine green, anthracite grey, dark grey, white aluminium) made from polyamide 11 available for the fluid-bed coating. Given a suitable order volume, other colours, e.g. powder coating such as polyester, can also be used. Coating thicknesses of between 300 µm and 800 µm are possible.

Moreover, there is the option of coating the fluid-bed internal parts with electrostatic powder coatings of any type and colour (with the exception of acrylics).

As a third variant, parts up to 3.20 m can be coated with undercoatings and top coatings made from electrostatic powder coating material.

The coating processes mentioned above can be applied to parts with the following maximum dimensions:

Fluid-bed2,50 m0,80 m1,50 m
Fluid-bed + electrostatic coating2,50 m0,80 m1,50 m
Electrostatic coating3,20 m0,80 m1,50 m

Blasting plants with edged, hardened and stainless steel are available for pretreatment purposes.

Business card for our large coating plant

  • Fluid-bed with polyamide 11 (RAL 6009/7016/9006/9010 and DB703)
  • Electrostatic powder coating of polyester, polyamide 11, epoxy, polyurethane and others
  • Combination of fluid-bed + electrostatic powder top coating in all colours each with a bonding agent made of epoxy powder

  • Fluid-bed + top coating LxWxH 2500x800x1500 mm
  • Primer + top coating LxWxH 3200x800x1500 mm

  • Fluid-bed > 350 µ - 800 µ
  • Electrostatic coating > 80 µ - 250 µ
  • Combination of the two processes 400 µ - 1000 µ

  • 1 fluid-bed oven with pre-heating unit, sintering furnace, post-heating area (indirect heating)
  • 5 sinter basins, air circulation
  • 2 enamelling furnaces for bonding agent and decorative coating (indirect heating)
  • 3 electrostatic, fully automatic coating booths each with 10 coating guns (automatic part recognition) and powder return system. Of those coating booths, 2 are for the bonding agent a 1 coating booth for decorative coating
  • 2 separate conveyor systems (cycle operation, fluid-bed), continuous operation for electrostatic coating
  • 1 transfer unit for converting the fluid-bed line to an electrostatic coating line
  • 1 cooling tunnel after the fluid-bed

  • Fluid-bed oven max. 380°C
  • Enamelling ovens for bonding agent/decorative coating max. 240°C

  • Fluid-bed + fluid-bed and electrostatic decorative coating 32 traverses per hour
  • Electrostatic coating 1-2 m/min approx. 18-36 traverses per hour
  • Item weight max. 75 kg

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