Solaris Series

Comfort meets Design.

Our new Solaris Design Line combines convenience with a warm look.

Put your feet up. Take a break. Switch off. Whether in the local park, on the company site or in leisure facilities. The products of the Solaris series always make a good figure.
The “Solaris” series comprises a complete seating set with bench, table, stool, chair and a matching sunbed. The products impress with a modern design, comfortable sitting and reclining surfaces and an ergonomic form. The metal frames ensure exceptional stability and withstand external influences such as wet, heat or cold. The wooden slats, made from Savanna Bamboo or Dark Bamboo give the benches, stools, the table and recliners a warm look and fits optimally into the environment.

Choose between several products with two slat options.

Our Solaris series products are available in Dark Bamboo or Savannah Bamboo.
The series comprises:

  • Bench with and without backrest
  • Stool with and without backrest
  • Table
  • Couch

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