Dog toilets from ERLAU

For a clean environment.

Our new dog toilets combine functionality, quality and design.

Cleanliness and hygiene for dog owners and walkers - Our new dog toilets combine functionality, quality and design with simple application, excellent visibility and longevity. Three versions are available in different sizes and designs. The exclusive "Sammy" solution, made from stainless steel with a galvanised steel panel, has a capacity of up to 1,000 dog bags. The associated waste bin has a capacity of 40 litres. The "Balou" dog toilet can hold 500 bags and the capacity of the bin is 30 litres. Our dog waste bag dispenser “Lucky” includes a bag dispenser with 300 bags and is available in many different colours. 

Choose between three options and accessories.

  • Sammy Dog Toilet
  • Balou Dog Toilet
  • Lucky dog waste bag dispenser
  • Dog waste bags / accessories

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