Stadium chairs

Every grandstand is unique

The word tribune (from the Latin tribunal and another word for grandstand) refers to a raised platform for accommodating spectators in a stadium or hall. The differences between the grandstands, which are to be equipped with seating, are enormous. Therefore, a "stadium chair set up" project has increased requirements and needs corresponding flexibility.

Grandstands can be modular. This is the case when a grandstand, for changing events or those with a limited duration, has to be set up and dismantled again. The opposite case is the permanent constructions, usually used in stadiums. The exterior conditions can vary greatly. The available space may be oval, circular or angular and the gradient, as well as the number of spectator rows can also vary. In addition, the area to be built on and the number of spectators who are to be comfortably seated on this area also differ greatly. If the grandstand is located outside, the chairs must be able to be used all-year round and must be weather-resistant.

The "stadium chair" project therefore requires huge flexibility, modular products and outstanding planning. Erlau makes it possible!

Erlau can also do grandstands

Let Erlau set up the chairs for your stand or stadium. After all, we have the right products, we are flexible, and we love to advise you.

Erlau furniture is:

  • Weather-resistant / vandalism-resistant
  • Easy to clean & for use all-year round
  • Ergonomically shaped & modular

Example of stadium chairs from practice

Falkenberg an der Elster grandstand

The grandstand roofing of the Falkenberg grandstand on the Elster is to be equipped with 3-seater seating.

Requirements asked of Erlau:

  • The clear width between the planned steel columns is very small at 5.54 m
  • 3 seat sections Harmony are 5.49 m long
  • The seat requires a special leg, as the space for existing legs is not available


Three Harmony seat sections each without backrest, with special legs Nova; a total of 45 Harmony seat sections and 60 legs.

Side view: Stand

Bird’s-eye view: Stand





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